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The Culinary Journey

Ishmael and Kauthar are business partners in the Kitchen Cartel host this interesting conversation on the Rlabs Radio facebook page.


RLabs Radio Segments

Making Hope Contagious on RLabs.FM. Here we aim to bring our RLabs culture to a global scale. As the RLabs family, we get to hear nuggets of wisdom from our founder Mr. Marlon Parker every Monday for a few minutes. This helps us get through the week and boosts our mornings. We listen to some deeper insights on our theme for the year and unpack our RLabs culture.

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Men’s day Wednesday is a fun space where men can dive deep into things that aren’t spoken about or brought to light. Building relationships with both men and women by being free to express thoughts that are there to expand and uplift us all.

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The Comedy segment is hosted on a Thursday by Suzy and her bro where they make sure to share some funny things with the listeners with local comedians on their show. We don’t only focus on funny things but try to reach and inspire young people. They share their passions with the world and how they got to a certain point in their lives, where they are now, and motivating our communities locally and globally.

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A segment set for women by women to equip, inspire and empower others. In this day and age, we need to enable ourselves by being go-getters and to help them shape a better future for themselves.

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A segment created for the promotion and exposure of small businesses. This allows small business owners to partner with RLabs to ensure businesses reach their full potential. We firmly believe that small businesses are the future of the country and this is a time of enrichment and motivation for your idea of wanting your own business.

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A segment that highlights how RLabs builds wealth through its flagship programmes. Featured innovations such as Zlto, GapX, and Yoma are just a few examples of how RLabs is building wealth.

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A collection or hub of shows that focuses on business, marketing and motivation.

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Where RLabs Radio Started

We are the voice of RLabs sharing stories that bring about Hope within our communities by exposing local and global champions.

where it started

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