The Startup Team

RLabs Radio's success started with the Team who started it all.

Meet Lady G

"I am a young, vibey, crazy mom and wife that is always willing to lend a helping hand. ‘Whatever I put my mind to, I set out to do”. I am the product owner of RLabs.FM, an online radio station that connects local and global communities by using their voice. RLabs Radio was started in 2014 by an amazing team and is still currently running with daily exciting shows from Mondays to Fridays. 

I am one of the Directors/Co-owners of a Logistics company called Jade and Son Logistics. I am passionate about engaging with people and love making new friends. I consider myself an extrovert which makes it easy for me to communicate on-air and face to face."

  • Product Owner
  • Radio Personality

Meet Suzy

"I am a single mom of two beautiful boys. I come from a family of five where I am the second eldest child. My dreams and aspirations were to become a Lawyer or Social Worker since I always felt like I needed to do more and make a difference within my community. I love seeing and making people happy no matter what.

I am not a cake person, but I love savory foods. Music and dancing make me feel some sort of way as if it does something to the soul. Comedy puts a smile on a person’s face which I love because I think I am kind of funny. Putting a smile on people's faces is my motto in life, “just be easy and lekker”. Because I love making people laugh and smile, I believe that RLabs.FM can help me put a smile on your face."

  • Radio Personality
  • Presenter Liaison
  • Communications

Meet Christo

"I am the Chief Innovation Officer at RLabs. Through the Innovation Lab, I have worked with several organisations including MIT, London School of Economics, IDEO, Facebook, Google, BBC, Finnish Foreign Ministry, American Corner, and Shoprite through exploring how social innovation can drive social and economic change. My passion for young people and women has led me to become the Co-founder of GROW Leadership Academy, RLabs Youth Cafe, and RLabs Women. 

Broadcasting has always been my founding dream growing up and I have been allowed to serve as the visionary and dreamer in the relaunch of RLabs Radio. Apart from my exuberant venture within RLabs, I am the founder of Hit@Thirty1 Her Immaculate Theory a growing media platform produced to transform the lives of women and girls in finding their unique voice and design, as well as the Co-founder of Maggie’s Laundry and Christine’s Delights. I am undoubtedly on a mission to ensure that the generation that has gone before me is being taken care of and the generation following believe that they are unstoppable."

  • Visionary
  • Radio Personality

Meet DJ Garry

"I took up DJing as a hobby with Electrical CircusMobile Disco which leads me to become a club DJ at Cape Town’s top night spots. I was then able to purchase my first business after my studies and ran the business for more than 25 years. This business has allowed me to do what I love doing the most which is Sound Engineering.

Last year during Covid-19 Lockdown, the events industry took a huge blow and came to a grinding halt. This was when I joined the RLabs Radio team to provide my service to link staff and community of RLabs while everyone was working from home. The segments that once started as a 1-hour program evolved into 3-hour segments and who knows what’s next for RLabs Radio?"

  • Sound Engineer
  • Visionary
  • Networker

Meet Ally D

"I am a diverse, passionate, energetic, and a little crazy person who has a strong belief in people and their abilities that "human beings are limitless". 

I am the Co-founder of GapX, a financial services startup focusing on financial inclusion and well-being. GapX is currently part of the RLabs Innovation Lab. I am part of the School of Design Thinking’s alumni at the University of Cape Town. I am a Co-owner of a digital media production company called Kind Arts Africa Creative Studio. At RLabs, I have worked on various digital and design projects for companies such as Naspers, Shoprite, Nedbank, Standard Bank, and Zlto. The digital world excites me, as it can solve many problems with humans at the center hence my passion for digital marketing and digital content."

  • Social Media
  • Script Writer
  • Videographer
  • Radio Personality

Meet Charles

"I am a young man with lots of goals and dreams. Coming from a background filled with entrepreneurship, I have always found myself in those kinds of spaces. RLabs Radio brings many things I love together like music, design, and conversation. I am involved in the community which aligns well with what RLabs Radio wants to do which is bringing about Hope within our communities by exposing local and global champions."

  • Brand Manager
  • Graphic Designer
  • Radio Personality

Meet Calvin

"I am a digital product designer. I have worked on projects for some of the largest companies in the world namely RLabs, Naspers, Media24, to name a few. My strengths lie in defining product vision crafting compelling brand narratives and designing intuitive human-centered experiences across various applications. My skills include Creative Leadership, Designing, and Mentoring."

  • Graphic Designer
  • Business Strategist

Meet Keanen

"I am an RLabs Champion. I am currently working in the Academy Pillar of the RLabs tree as I create course content for our online courses. I am the Owner of a company called Synkronicity which umbrellas Synkronicity Records and Synkronicity Sports League into one. I love food and am very passionate about music and traveling."

  • Radio Producer

Meet Sasha

"I am Sasha-lee also known as Thandi. I've been a part of the RLabs family for about 6 years now and currently working under our Academy pillar for a programme called RLabs University. I love people and education with hopes to one day become a qualified teacher. In my spare time, I love to explore all things beauty, skin, and hair care. I love dancing and music and recently started learning how to mix music. I decided to join the RLabs Radio team as it allows me to explore my love for music and share that with the world."

  • Music Arranger

Meet Yanelisa

I am Yanelisa aka Mr President. I am a radio personality, hosting the Wednesday Men’s Show. My dream has always been to become a journalist and through Radio presenting, I can bring across my own voice and brand. I love spending time with people because engaging with people brings a sense of fulfillment as I strive to make an impact in people's lives.

  • Radio Personality
our djs

meet the RLabs Radio dJs

DJ Garry

Cape Town | South Africa

”I am passionate and love music for the sound of music. I am currently in South Africa playing all types of music at all types of events.”

DJ Tex

Washington, D.C. | USA

“I am a house producer with an unapologetic sound. My electronic technique has allowed me to perform internationally across the US and South Africa. Though largely rooted in classic house, I’m not afraid to throw back the vibe with tracks ranging from soul, funk, breakbeats, and 90’s R&B.”